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cravings. emotion. and the habits we have built.

aight aight. NB 2 of completing the whole30.


i just gotta talk about it.

like i’ve said before, i’ve been into health for a long time. it’s such a core belief that i would say with conviction that i’ve been into health probably my whole life. like anything, the path winds and turns, goes straight for a long time then dips up and down. along the way i have learned so much about food, hormones, gut health, cravings, diabetes and the power of possessing health due to our nutritional choices.

i’ve had a kabillion questions thrown at me during my years of personal training and the main one was always cravings related. what do you do when you’ve got a craving? well, this 30 day awareness about things that enter my mouth REALLY highlighted this deeply embedded habit which we call a craving. I love the way the “It Starts with Food”IMG_2576_2 book explained a craving: cravings are strongly tied to emotion. BOOM. if you are taking a jaunt by the books and you see “It begins with food” and you only have time to leaf through, i highly recommend reading page 36. then, notice.

just like if a muscle is trained it gets stronger, if a path is walked it gets worn, an itch gets scratched the skin gets red, if you have had emotions since birth, you’ve been reacting to them a certain way for a long time. the path you’ve walked may be a full out trench in fact. you’ve been forming your relationship with your emotions since then too. that relates to eating, drugs, drinking, and other methods that we use to cope. then one day you realize you don’t want to cope anymore; you want to break through to the other side. beyond all sorts of things that need to be taken into account, you need to mostly look at when you experience an emotion what you do – most common example is pms: loads of gals crave chocolate am i right? chips. ice cream. whatevs. what if i said you couldn’t have that because you’re cleaning sugar from your bod? some may go insane. others go to the gym. some create an avocado cocoa paleo pudding (compliant yet not approved) some don’t commit to whole30 because that’s too big of a task and they fear certain failure and yet others look at that emotion (fatigue, irritation, sensitivity, etc) and say hey, i can tell i’m irritated right now so i’m going to take a bath, do some yoga and go to sleep early tonight. the bath may not be very long or the water very high and the yoga may mean your 7 year old has to do his guided reading at the same time, but hey, you’re in bed by 10pm and know this will be over soon and that if you make good choices you’re CAC (create a crisis) may not turn into a full blown civil war.

If you consistently create even a slightly different path then there is no longer the other, former, and not positive resulting path to tend to. brush then takes over the old one and you continue grooming your new path. every once in a while it holds value to stand at the end of that old path and look at it all grown in and say, “hey! remember when i used to walk down there all the time? pfffttt. seems like forever ago!” and then you smile and go on with life without those damned bark thins from costco. maybe you start out with only 1/4 litre of ice cream. then it becomes a sundae from DQ and then it becomes a 2 bite brownie, then it becomes a square of 80% dark chocolate and then it becomes some chocolate mint rooibos tea. progress. slow n steady.

The point is: you have control over your cravings. You don’t have to be perfect all the time and you don’t have to give up chocolate for good. But you do gotta look at the emotion and work through it if you’re looking for something to change on the other side (and change for good btw smile emoticon

That is my small take on a massive topic.

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French teacher who loves her job dreaming of a part-time life-coaching counsellor gig now that I've completed my post-bac in counselling. Into eating healthy and working out and trying to balance full time work with two busy hockey player boys. I dig the moon, astrology, meditation and crystals.

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