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water. and my whole30.

Alrighty! 1st NB on having completed whole 30:

I always had a hard time drinking water. It was so boring! I had gotten into the habit of drinking coffee first thing upon rising. Then I’d just keep drinking coffee all day….

Because you can only have 1 coffee a day and you have to have it AFTER you eat meal 1 (good for the belly) and you have to put coconut creme (from the can) into it; that limited my habits. I had to make new ones and quick.

All of a sudden I realized I was THIRSTY. My automatic response was: I’m hungry… what can I eat.

(WELL! I want to elaborate on that “craving” thing in another post but basically they say, if you are hungry as in you would eat broiled fish and broccoli then yes, you’re hungry. Eat. But if you’d rather not eat that then you’re not really hungry: you’re just experiencing a CRAVING.)

They dissuade you from snacking (they’re trying to regulate your body and hormones) so basically if I wasn’t hungry then guess what… I was really just thirsty! (did you know that our sense of thirst is very numbed because we never give in to it – we just assume we’re hungry and so we eat and therefore most of the time your bod just wants hydration and not energy so you could save yourself a lot of unnecessary calories or junk and just drink a glass of water). That meant I needed to get crafty to my water so it’d be easier to drink. I did all sorts of things to make water fun; put kiwis in the diffuser tube, sliced lemons, limes, oranges into the water. Drank sparkling water. Drank A LOT of herbal teas (found some really great new ones – I’ll post) and I realized that I needed the water. I drank at least 3 litres a day. Creating this new habit made me happy and feel better about myself.

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French teacher who loves her job dreaming of a part-time life-coaching counsellor gig now that I've completed my post-bac in counselling. Into eating healthy and working out and trying to balance full time work with two busy hockey player boys. I dig the moon, astrology, meditation and crystals.

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