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i learned loads through whole30

– i can not believe how many vegetables i ate. i feel like i was at the store everyday to get even just at least a clump of asparagus. vegetable vegetables vegetables. i cooked them EVERY WAY possible known to man kind. i tried vegetables in the form of noodles, i tried vegetables i don’t always eat. i got really sick of vegetables that i normally am really into. i got nauseas looking at vegetables some times.

– ghee. this fat was one that i only used rarely in the past. i just automatically went to butter or coconut oil. well, i really liked the way foods turned out when cooked or sauteed in ghee. plus, it gives me an excuse to go to dino’s on notre dame. cheap cheap ghee. that being said, did you know there is vegetable ghee and cow ghee? the cow ghee is in the fridge and sometimes you’ll see beta carotene in the ingrediens (beside cow fat) i’ assuming for color?? the vegetable ghee is on a shelf and looks to me like hydrogenated palm oil. i can’t see any health benefits to that…

– i’ve mentioned before, but the use of spices. i restocked my cupboards and declared a few times that spices really do help avoid food ruts!

– nails grew in super tuff; huge reduction in cellulite, amazing energy, clear thinking, WOKE UP EVERYDAY WITH NOT A STITCH OF CONGESTION, tight tummy, no constipation, didn’t feel sick during a cold (just a bit stiff in the neck and runny nose)

– upon returning to allowing certain foods back in and noticing how things react in you, i’m noticing that i am done with legumes. like we’re broken up for good. i sent divorce papers. i just don’t do good with those things. bloatcity.

– all the food i ate wasn’t weird to me. i just accordion-ed all my recipes i normally make with some ideas i got off the internets and made it. we spent A LOT of time in the kitchen prepping. eating out was sorta challenging.

– and now, i really read labels. LIKE REALLY. i always read the labels before – noting CHO content of course for my son who has type 1 diabetes. but i rarely read the list of ingredients. holy shit you guys – sugar is in everything! i follow the advice that if sugar is in the first 3 ingredients think about getting it. well it’s in everything in some form (distilled cane juice, natural fruit juices, dextrose, splenda, sucralose, aspartame, etc in some amount!

– which brings to me to my FINAL point: jamie oliver. what a guy! he’s doing tremendous things for good food all over the place. and his pasta sauces – they saved the day. a little pricey but compliant and SO MUCH FLAVOUR. they were great in a pinch for the enchilada bake and on kale and ground beef. i want to try a few other things of his. i figure if you gotta do packaged food here and there may as well support him. the ingredients are at least all things you can pronounce!

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French teacher who loves her job dreaming of a part-time life-coaching counsellor gig now that I've completed my post-bac in counselling. Into eating healthy and working out and trying to balance full time work with two busy hockey player boys. I dig the moon, astrology, meditation and crystals.

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