Author: Wendy Novotny

i learned loads through whole30

– i can not believe how many vegetables i ate. i feel like i was at the store everyday to get even just at least a clump of asparagus. vegetable vegetables vegetables. i cooked them EVERY WAY possible known to man kind. i tried vegetables in the form of noodles, i tried vegetables i don’t always eat. i got really sick of vegetables that i normally am really into. i got nauseas looking at vegetables some times. – ghee. this fat was one that i only used rarely in the past. i just automatically went to butter or coconut oil. well, i really liked the way foods turned out when cooked or sauteed in ghee. plus, it gives me an excuse to go to dino’s on notre dame. cheap cheap ghee. that being said, did you know there is vegetable ghee and cow ghee? the cow ghee is in the fridge and sometimes you’ll see beta carotene in the ingrediens (beside cow fat) i’ assuming for color?? the vegetable ghee is on a shelf and …

cravings. emotion. and the habits we have built.

aight aight. NB 2 of completing the whole30. cravings. i just gotta talk about it. like i’ve said before, i’ve been into health for a long time. it’s such a core belief that i would say with conviction that i’ve been into health probably my whole life. like anything, the path winds and turns, goes straight for a long time then dips up and down. along the way i have learned so much about food, hormones, gut health, cravings, diabetes and the power of possessing health due to our nutritional choices. i’ve had a kabillion questions thrown at me during my years of personal training and the main one was always cravings related. what do you do when you’ve got a craving? well, this 30 day awareness about things that enter my mouth REALLY highlighted this deeply embedded habit which we call a craving. I love the way the “It Starts with Food” book explained a craving: cravings are strongly tied to emotion. BOOM. if you are taking a jaunt by the books and you …

water. and my whole30.

Alrighty! 1st NB on having completed whole 30: I always had a hard time drinking water. It was so boring! I had gotten into the habit of drinking coffee first thing upon rising. Then I’d just keep drinking coffee all day…. Because you can only have 1 coffee a day and you have to have it AFTER you eat meal 1 (good for the belly) and you have to put coconut creme (from the can) into it; that limited my habits. I had to make new ones and quick. All of a sudden I realized I was THIRSTY. My automatic response was: I’m hungry… what can I eat. (WELL! I want to elaborate on that “craving” thing in another post but basically they say, if you are hungry as in you would eat broiled fish and broccoli then yes, you’re hungry. Eat. But if you’d rather not eat that then you’re not really hungry: you’re just experiencing a CRAVING.) They dissuade you from snacking (they’re trying to regulate your body and hormones) so basically if …

spices galore

it’s really true – spice is the variety of life. i discovered so many new ones and have to say, i applied them so liberally that i had to restock several of them and have now started buying the bulk sizes. and i’m not even worried about them going bad anymore! we are actually super lucky and often we’ll grab fresh herbs for our cooking but it’s nice to have some spices that we can’t find fresh or to have them dried for convenience.  


the photo to the left sums up my 2015. choices in directions, heavy front wind, loose sunglasses and cute socks. one thing led to another and i was feeling crappy. so i decided to announce to facebook that i was going to complete the whole30. i needed the accountability. who doesn’t? i read the book IT STARTS WITH FOOD and talked it over with my bf, mike. and off i went! here’s what i learned from whole30… your body will completely reset all hormones and how the body talks. how to sleep like a baby how to have luminous skin how to lose belly bloat how to have crystal clear energy how to make food taste good with a variety of spices and food combinations